Welcome to my art portfolio

Olimbo The Source

colour designs &  writing by: Erik Fokkens & Charlotte Houwing

Olimbo has been written as a Comic and Series. The maincharacter Olimbo guides passengers through the wonderworld of Limbo. On their way he helps them finding their droplets and returning them to the source.

Art direction - Coppelia
Submarine Animation The Netherlands

Concept art - style development - production design - backgrounds

in development - see more

Colour Concept Artist - Lego
Legends of Chima

doing colour- layout concepts and special effects designs on Lego's Chima line and TV Series.

some of my artwork on Chima some of my artwork on Chima


comic design from the 80's

A graphic novel by me and Leon Limpens. We made a pitch for this comic in 1983. In the meantime timespirit has catched up with us as graphics like this seem popping up everywhere right now.

Moodboard colourdesigner 
The Maya the Bee Movie - Studio 100 Belgium

painting storyboard panels in detail for colour guidance to the lighting department

some of my artwork on Noctornasome of my artwork on Maya

Unspeakable / Howard Lovecraft

colour designs & covers by Erik Fokkenswriters: Dwight MacPherson & Bruce Browninking: Randy Valiente